6 Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Over the years, different methods and tools has been introduced by different businesses to market their services, however, the fundamental purpose of marketing remained the same. Every business wants to attract more customers and gain market share. There are always new marketing techniques and businesses are trying to follow up with these techniques in order to stay in the game for more time.

Here are 6 digital marketing trends and as an entrepreneur you need to consider for your 2020.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Nowadays consumers uses many ways to collect enough data to make comparisons and have the right choice before they close a deal with you or buy from you. It is certainly unlimited and for that, things got pretty complex.

So, what is multichannel marketing?

It’s a marketing method that uses multichannel ways to engage consumers with the brand  and enhances their experience with your brand or whatever you are selling and engaging them more through the funnel of conversion.
A recent study done by BigCommerce focused on the consumer experience and their satisfaction throughout the shopping journey and what are the expectations they are getting out of it, shows the different approaches whereas consumers adopted for several generations on how they took on multi-channel shopping.

 As an entrepreneur you have to understand that 

  1. The traditional way of shopping is over, single medium shopping is a talk of the past.
  2. Nowadays generation uses multiple online channels to compare, and purchase..
  3. Shopping from home and office, ordering food, more and more, are all becoming the new shopping trend, only 10% of generation Z visits an actual store in person to purchase.

With that being said, multichannel marketing made shopping a lot easier and a favourite way of shopping to its actual experience to the customers. It gives a clear message, you really need to make sure to list your products everywhere on the online platform, to make it as easier as it can be for your prospects to find you and purchase your items. It’s not about direct selling anymore, building the brand on a larger scale online is much needed for any business to get through all the pile of data now we witness online on social channels. Your clients need to recognize your brand and know that you exist! that will boost up your return on investment for the long term. Here is a list of where you should start first:

  1. Premium social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube)
    That actually depends on the industry, you can refer to our previous article on Social Media & Its relevance to my industry.
  2. Are you selling a physical product? then the answer is pretty simple! Amazon. Many underestimate the power of listing their product on Amazon, neither to say it’s the world’s #1 online shopping platform, it simply comes first on your search engine.
  3. Here we go! yes it’s Google again and again and again.

Google is the king of search, possessing more than 70% of searches online on different types of platforms where all are linked to the Google “Delta” is immense.

  1. Google has its own multi-channel platform Google’s Shopping Actions of listing & categorizing your service or your product, regardless of which medium your prospect is at, Google simply does it for you and connect you with your buyer instantly. Nowadays people uses many searching methods, one of not to ignore is the voice searching.
  2. ContentCal is a visual calendar for planning and auto-publishing your social media content. We have came across this tool and we found it pretty amazing and without a doubt, it’s pretty helpful to easily accomplish the goal.

ContentCal allows you to cross-post your social media updates across multiple channels, as well as set up a multi-step delegation and moderation process: encourage your whole team to add unique social media updates to ContentCal’s “Pinboard” and have one (or more) moderators who will ensure the updates align with the brand’s voice and then will schedule them easily via drag-and-dropping functionality.

Gotta Start Kicking On AI & Machine Learning 

What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work ?

It is the theory and development of computer systems to make it able to perform and do tasks that normally require human intelligence, for example, visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation.

Is Machine learning the same as AI ?

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models used by the computer systems to perform a specific task effectively without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference instead. It is all about teaching the computer what a human brain cannot do, for example, complex data mining and future predictions based on current patterns. In many occasions, AI & machine learning are used exchangeably. 

AI examples:

  1. Gboard: It’s a keyboard application created by Google. It uses Smart Compose and Smart Reply features to allow you to compose your entire message with AI based on your past messages and your typing habits.
  2. Google Predictive Searches: Google prompts value-add searches based on what you searched before.
  3. LinkedIn: It uses smart match feature to narrow the criteria of employee-employer and match candidates with similar jobs to their profile and preferences.

Another example is Netflix, Netflix uses AI to recommend its users for media content based on frequent watch & search based on the genre and type. Another great application for AI is product improvement, where you have all the data you need about your users to improve your existing product for a better user experience.

AI powered sentiment analysis is a great example on machine learning in action. The sentiment analysis software can extract mentions that need your attention and also to help your team handle them properly.

ARIA Spectre uses Sentione as a solid tool of this forward-thinking sentiment analysis approach. It implements machine learning and natural language mechanisms to extract online context around your brand. Next, Sentione’s AI powered self-learning agent suggests further action based on collected data and previous communications with clients.

Here at ARIA Spectre we are able to customize Sentione to a smarter use of social media and monitoring purposes.

Voice Command

Smart Speakers A.K.A (Digital Home Assistants), Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Dot, Apple Homepod. In simple words these are the future of digital marketing, sooner or later everything will completely be digitally utilized for voice searches.

The searching process became easy with these devices, it is a very fast and hands-free task.

This technology is going fast and giving a clear projections about the next 10 years we are about to witness in a complete tech transformation, nearly 40% of young adults are already using voice searching devices according to a study in 2016. 

People found it an intuitive and reliable way of search & find, and that is the reason that makes the technology in high demand.

The online search queries have become more specific thanks to voice and on the go searching technology. however, targeting long-tail queries is just the start line. it took google ages to prepare its algorithm for natural-language searching and they recently gave some hints of what they are working on after their Hummingbird update and the announcement of Rankbrain.

Machine learning allowed google to understand the intent and context much better now than before, which made keyword matching useless.

Considering Keyword Research as a discrete complicated process. Few smart tools provided today which are a more complex resemblance for keyword research. 

  1. TextOptimizer Is a strong tool as one of the examples, it allows its user to optimize the content and similarly to match Google’s and Google users expectations (i.e. intent) by analyzing search snippets for each query and suggesting the related terms, concepts and categories.
  • Serpstat: Analyzes Google’s search engine result pages, finds overlapping URLs and groups your keyword lists by relevancy and hence allowing you to discover concepts behind your queries and optimizing for groups of related keywords.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing is also known as one-to-one marketing or individual marketing which means providing personalized user experience by targeting users of your website or those whom subscribed to the email list individually.

A recent study by Evergage, shows that 96% of customers agrees that this strategy helps to build an immense relationship between the customer and the brand. Another related study by Forrester showed that 80% of the customers have made purchases or recommended it simply due to personalized experience. 

Unlike what is known, increasing security and privacy concerns are not going to kill personalized marketing. Now, the customers are willing to have a personalized experience, and in return, they are going to give away their personal information.

BigCommerce concluded in a research that younger generations are worry free on sharing their personal information just to receive a better user personalized user experience.

Knowing your existing customers or your future prospects likes and dislikes are what big companies currently doing, and with that you will be able to identify and set your plan on whether to keep and improve a product or reconstruct and deliver a better one matches their expectations.

Influencer & Video Marketing

I am sure that YouTube is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the term video marketing. In fact, YouTube is not the only way of video marketing, many other social networks have a bigger pool in attracting prospects, we are here talking about SnapChat, LinedIn, Instagram and Facebook. 

Attracting people is an art in itself, giving that much short video with a strong message or pitching for a sale in less than 10 seconds is a strong and powerful skill you have to gain to stand your business on its feet. And people will make you famous over few seconds, sharing and interacting with your public post. 

Before you start having the momentum on doing your own videos, you have to know your audience and target the right market and age, you will need to understand the network’s pattern first hand, the time, the way of life, their daily activities, the trend and more.

Visual Search

What are you selling? Goods? Physical Product? 


Nowadays smartphones are the new mass destruction, It has the power to put you down or lift you up, and that is due to the vast usage of the mobile device all day and night long, smartphones changed the searching game forever. 

Voice Search makes it easy for users today to find something for them rather than the agony of typing, especially while busy preparing your favourite meal or driving your way, but Visual Searching took the game to another level. Why you have to type while you can find it with a picture ? Right ?

Both Voice & Visual Searches have their own advantages and disadvantages, but that doesn’t make any of them less important than the other.

There are tools and apps like Google Lens which gives you the ability to use your camera as a searching tool. You can search for almost all types of goods and materials, clothes, books, landmarks, etc. You can do all of that by one image. You can compare the price of a product, read the reviews, or get more information about a specific service.

We completely utilize visual searches for you as part of our ARIA Optimum Campaign.

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