How To Rank And Generate High Traffic From Social Media


Content is KING ! And Here is Why

If you are not producing 100 pieces of content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube podcasts every single day, you are missing the greatest opportunity in the world on the table.

Let me tell you why? If I say, you have unlimited money and you could go to the beachfront property all across this world and buy it all up for a penny on the dollar a hundred and twelve years ago, would you do it?

Your answer will be “YES”. 

The number one asset regardless of what you do “you sell sneakers, you are in the fitness industry, or you are a financial adviser” we all need the other person’s attention before we can tell them what we want from them.

Attention is the singular asset and right now the attention of the world sits in mobile devices at scale and there’s only seven or eight places that we really consume content. You have to figure out how to send your message to the world in written, audio, and video content. At this point you already know the equation, generate traffic, rank on top, monetize your social media.

Now, at first you have to pick what you’re good at. You have to rely on can you do video yourself ? are you a great writer? Or are you introverted and want to do a podcast because you don’t like seeing yourself on a video?

You have to start talking, start posting a hundred pieces of content a day. Maybe fifty-two of those are just single tweets or maybe twenty-six of them are Instagram stories.

What Kind of Content to Use

Most people haven’t posted a hundred pieces of unique quality content this year. So, imagine the opportunities they are missing. There’s so much opportunity everything that you’re seeing happen in society, the people that are getting voted in, the people that are building big companies, the celebrities that are changing in society, and the people that are changing the world with positive or negative impact, everything’s playing out in one place which is the internet, and the internet breaks down into like seven or ten meaningful sites. 

Right now, the information sits on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not super complicated. What’s complicated is getting good at communicating on it.

It’s a dedication skill, you have to respect the context and here is why you have to make a hundred pieces of content.  The essentials of this plan has a starting block guide as we have highlighted at the previous article.

You want to sell a home you made one video, do you think that every woman and every man in here are going to see your video the same way?

Do you think a 22-year-old woman who makes a hundred thousand a year is going to see it the same way that a 49-year-old woman with two kids that makes forty-seven thousand a year?

We have these platforms that let us target people at a specific level like we’ve never seen before at scale. Anything you want to say to the world, you should minimally say 13 times because you have to context the audience who are seeing it.

Not only you have to make a hundred pieces of content, you have to make five hundred different segmentations and media and run it. 

Here’s the good news, everything sounds hard now, but here’s the secret, everything great should be hard. Look like if you want to reap the massive benefits of this golden era, you should put in the work.

The Plan

Facebook and Instagram ads are remarkably underpriced, every single person should be running Facebook and Instagram ads regardless of what he/she business’s B2B, or 60-year-old target.
To generate traffic requires patience and resourcefulness, many people ignoring the key steps and they end up to rank bad.

You have to understand that they’re a media company that you should be putting out content, not commercials information. Put out all your best advice for free, you will make way more money than holding it in for the people that pay you.

Do it and watch how your business grows because there is so much abundance for the 40 people that decide not to pay you because they got what they needed from the free content, there’s another thousand that would now want to pay you out of the gratitude and guilt that you provided for them.

So many people are not posting, so many of them posted once somebody said something nasty, they stopped posting.


You will need to rank and generate as much traffic as possible to get the fame. If you did not get out and started posting, the game is over. If you have nothing good to say, it’s only going to play out so much, but if you’re not even starting then its game over, so you need to understand why you’re not posting, and you need to understand what’s actually happening right now.

This is the single greatest era to be a human being ever, you need to take advantage of it and if you’re not winning during this era, we got big problems. It’s really good it’s just is cool who’s got the first in hand.

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