The Guide On How To Grow A Startup Company

Entrepreneurs nowadays are more reliant on basic type of marketing where the minimal cost is more favorable than the actual results, while the fact is that they are damaging and silently killing their business without knowing, till it’s too late for a recovery plan. Due to the limited resources startups have, they prefer to use existing resources on something else and most of them believe that marketing is an optional plan.

Running a startup and you want a shortcut way to get on your feet? Here are some of our experts tips:

NEVER Ignore “Old School” Traditional Marketing 

Digital marketing certainly does not mean “Murder Traditional Marketing”, it is totally dependant on the industry and the business model on what is effective to kickoff with first at marketing, but generally speaking you will have to utilize both strategies to be on “Top 10 List” in a short period of time.

Old School Rocks!!

Our marketing expert “Ahmed Shochin” commented earlier that many entrepreneurs from different backgrounds who have a basic knowledge and experience on marketing they lack planning and execution for a proper marketing plan, they get the word marketing in a totally different definition, the main concern for nowadays entrepreneurs is “How much would it cost me to run a campaignAhmed added, the real question instead should be, “How long do you recommend our campaign to run?”

Brand Positioning

I hear this word quite often, and many people keep repeating it yet they don’t really know what the banana does it really mean -Pardon my french, I’m pretty sure we all love bananas- Brand Positioning is simple in its definition, and complex putting it under practice sometimes, it is a core marketing strategy for a healthy business on the long term at any market for any industry. 

Brand Positioning is placing yourself or your business ahead of your other competitors, the real question here is how to get ahead of them, this certainly not a race right !. Well, hell it is, it’s a Fast & Furious 11 too. There are many ways to position yourself ahead of your competitors, it can be by using a unique expensive yet effective technology, it can also be by a key talented team member who can really make a big difference in your company, it also can be an eggplant. Doesn’t matter what that factor is, as long as it makes you unique and gives you a leap ahead in your industry, a simple example here is Steve Jobs, when he got kicked off Apple Inc, Apple simply plunged, as soon as he got back in again, it became the No.1 tech company in the world. 

Trust me when I say this, but you can find many resources which can highly contribute to your business positioning than you think you have, and that won’t cost you the ridiculous ton of cash you are paying to the so called Brand Positioning Consultants or whatever they call themselves. Al Ries once said, “It’s the first company to build the mental position that has the upper hand, not the first company to make the product. Apple did not invent the cell phone, but they built a position and people simply identifies Apples as a bitten Mac device.

Nobody Really Cares If You Have A Product

This may seem weird, but you have to understand that you are in the market because you have a product that fulfills the customer needs and you are generating money because of that. Your product is not important to the customers but what it does for them is important. Get to know the problem, dive, dig, and if you have to, fly in that space of the problem to understand every single corner of it, once you understand the problem, the solution isn’t a big hassle then. 10 years ago when I hear someone invented something I am like “Wooah” so freakin awesome, without knowing what the product really does or how does it contribute in solving our problems. Do not create something stupid and banana useless.

Do not Copy & Paste

Be perceptionist !
Have a Yoga business mindset, understand how to do business before you even start with one, a lot of entrepreneurs fail because they have this belief of doing things better rather than “Differently”. Doing it better does not make you unique, it’s simply like ok I’m gonna eat noodles with a fork rather than chopstix -Yeah I am using a fork :p-, but doing it differently is what makes a change in your idea and whether it’s a market viable idea or throw in trash type. Think as if you were an ET not a human, humans are really boring.


Steve Jobs said, “you can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently”.

The Aftermath

Alright! you are a great businessman, and you done establishing the company, you set up an office and got equipment and hired a few people to join your team to make that dream a reality, and you are doing it all great! BUT… YOU DIDN’T EVEN START

Whatever you invented, the product/service you are offering to the market selling to your targeted consumers, does it really have a value?! does it fit to the market measurements?! does your product/service has a lifecycle?! 

Getting to know all these information about whatever the banana you are introducing, is crucial to your long term business survival, but we really don’t want to get into the survival mode do we!. Being a maze runner isn’t that fun actually. Very simple, don’t banan it up!

Your Vision, Your Mission, And Your Message MATTERS!

Clients are smart, they don’t buy things that has no message or a mission to their problem, get it clear and loud! Introduce yourself/your business as a new sort of a Dalai Lama -Yeah we all like wisemen- .

Let them get attracted to you, it’s all about the charisma not the six packs 😉

  • You need a good hook

Start with something that can get the audience’s attention, something that distinguishes your brand to stand-out, it can be states or even facts.

  • Explain what your product can do for the consumer, how is it solving their problem

In short sentences, try to explain the benefits of your product to the customers. Make them believe that your product is important in their life and for their business. 

  • The features of the product

Now you got the customers attention, start explaining in detail the features of your product and how it can be used.

My product is SpaceX. 

Cool right !?

NEVER Cease Your Marketing 

Without it, your business is dead, even if you are 100 years positioned ahead your competitors. 

Implement new types of marketing techniques, ditch the lousy old ones, that’s what I meant by doing things differently than better! 

  • What Are You Selling ? My Service/My Product.. WRONG!

You are selling your brand, your name, that’s what you are selling, the services you are offering or the product you are selling are all part of your brand’s body, all these things are the blood cells of your brand, yet many prospects will approach you just by your name and how good and famous is your reputation in whatever you do. 

Nobody buys Gucci because it’s pretty or unique, -It’s a hell of an ugly expensive <Spiral Choco> clothing apparel brand- people simply buys it because it’s Gucci ! that’s all folks, get it?

Build good long term relations with your clients, never underestimate the powerful use of PR in building your brand name, understand their feelings, emotions, and let them be loyal to you, that’s the 1st step into brand building.

Let Everybody Know That You Rule Here 

Classify your clients and your prospects into segments and differentiate them to few factors. Once it’s done, creating awareness for your brand to these segments will be much easier.


Engage More…

Doesn’t have to be about making money all the time, engage your business to support causes and be part of that community, let people know that you are really making it differently and you care about them more than what’s in their bank account, have that trust and engage more to your business indirectly. Trust me, it’s a good thing to do, will make you feel like a superhero, a good reason for that is you are really working towards your vision.

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