Ecommerce Personalized Ads Brief


Create personalized ads experience your customers love


Segment unique audience groups

Sit back while we unify profiles from across various touchpoints. Acquire, retain and convert, all on autopilot. We rarefy high-value, low-value, people likely to buy and other segments.

You can create a custom 360° customer view and build segments based on actions. Our marketing tool builds multiple segments for building a high ROI ad campaign with ease.


Bundle-up audience and lookalike audience

Save precious hours by automating the process. Our tool uses a smart algorithm for identifying behavioral conditions and profile conditions. Handle as much as 1000+ campaigns without breaking a sweat.

Create data-driven ads without becoming a Facebook ads hero. No more wasting sweet bucks on expensive ad agencies.


Prospect and remarket on autopilot

Just after the autopilot audience and segment builder does their job, AI automatically starts creating killer ad campaigns. Behind the scene, smart AI creates prospecting ads for brand awareness.

The closed-loop feedback creates a breathtaking retargeting campaign to skyrocket your AI without having to learn data science.

  • High ROI Guaranteed!

  • AI-Powered

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Data-driven Ads

14 Days
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/ Per monthAnnual
Single Data Source
Unlimited Segments, Audiences
Unlimited Campaigns
Facebook, Instagram And Audience Network Ads
Google Smart Shopping And Retargeting Ads
Up To 2200 Customers
Above 2200 Costs RM0.45/Customer
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/ Per monthAnnual
Get Started
3 Data Sources
Mobile SDK
API Integration
CSV & XSV Support
Monthly Ads Consultation With Experts
Dedicated Account Manager
Up To 15k Customers
Above 15k Costs RM0.35/Customer


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